Tomorrow’s Calendar 4/12: Science Pub: Vitamin C and Health

Monday 4/12

Science Pub: Vitamin C and Health. 6 p.m. free.

Vitamin C and Health:  Fact versus fiction

50 years after Linus Pauling revealed to the word the health benefits of taking vitamin C, we are still learning new things about this amazing molecule. Although not everything that Pauling believed that vitamin C could do is supported by modern science, he launched a new era of discovery for modern nutrition. Today, the frontiers of vitamin C research are found in cancer, sepsis, and the immune system. However, many people don’t know if these remarkable discoveries change what you should eat or the supplements you take. Indeed, much our view of vitamin C is shrouded in misinformation. Separate fact from fiction: Take a deep dive into the science of vitamin C with an expert from the Linus Pauling Institute.