Science Pub: OSU’s Research Presented Virtually

Are you curious about how climate change will impact Central Oregon? Or why so many people question climate change? Well, this information and more is available – or soon to be available – through Science Pub, a joint effort between Oregon State University Corvallis and Oregon State University Cascades, where researchers come and share what they have been working on with the public. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events are now all hosted and attended online. Virtual attendees are encouraged to ask questions and get involved post presentation. And now, no matter if you signed up to attend or not, you can catch each event afterward as they are all made available to view immediately after streaming. 

The next event scheduled is about what climate change will look in Central Oregon. 

To attend or view upcoming and past events, go to OSU Cascades Website under Community Connect and click on Science Pubs. You can register for future Science Pubs or view past ones by either clicking their link or by going to OSU Cascades YouTube channel and looking under “Science Pub” or “Past Livestreams.” 

For specifically Corvallis Science Pub videos between May and November 2020, visit Science Pub Recordings 

Corvallis’ Science Pub is held on the second Monday of the month and is sponsored by organizations such as Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Downtown Corvallis Association, OSU-Cascades and Oregon State University. 

There are also podcasts of some past events from 2016-2018 available – from “Artificial Intelligence: Myths and Realities” to “The Science of Marijuana.” 

By: Hannah Ramsey