School Board Candidate Bryce Cleary Threatens to Sue The Advocate

On May 4, School Board candidate Bryce Cleary threatened The Corvallis Advocate with legal action over a piece run the same day. “I am asking that you immediately remove and retract or correct the falsehoods in this Op-Ed or else we will be forced to seek further legal action,” wrote his attorney in a letter to the newspaper.   

The candidate is a physician, and the piece is a guest op-ed from Sloane Rittner in which she describes being Cleary’s patient, and asking him for help about gender dysphoria. She also asks readers to vote against him. 

“On that day, Dr. Cleary provided me with false data, cited incorrect information, and used fear tactics to deny me the medically accepted treatment for the condition I suffered from,” wrote Rittner. Concluding her op-ed with, “Please join me in voting against that kind of future for our children.” 

Candidate Cleary did not respond to Advocate staff seeking comment before the piece ran. The piece remains posted on The Corvallis Advocate website, here 

Candidate Bryce Cleary’s attorney is his son, James Cleary of Barnhisel, Barlow, & Stephens in Corvallis. 

Here is the letter from the attorney.