Rest in Peace: Lee Harmon

Lee Harman is in Oregon State University’s Hall of Fame for his performance on the basketball court. He’s beloved of Faye Dunaway for his makeup skills. He’s listed in the Internet Movie Database as an actor and film producer. And, sadly, he is no longer with us. 

Probably the most successful of his multiple careers was as a makeup artist, and the highpoint of it was the makeup he designed to make Faye Dunaway look like Joan Crawford in the film Mommie Dearest. He worked meticulously, in much the way a computer “morphs” one face into another, but in the analog medium of makeup… and the equally analog medium of the human face. In fact, it was Harman who intuited that of the various actresses working in Hollywood in the 1980s, Faye Dunaway was the one who could best be made up to look like Crawford. He was, by all accounts, correct. 

There’s no denying that Lee Harman was a talented man who kept busy during his long life. Corvallis and OSU – or Oregon State College, as it was known back then – can take pride in whatever contribution they may have made in helping him get launched in life. 

By John M. Burt 

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