Reser Stadium Vaccinations to Continue

Last week, over 200 COVID-19 vaccination doses were administered at the mass vaccination clinic at Reser Stadium. The clinic organized by Benton County, Samaritan Health Serices, and Oregon State University is hoped to be the first of many.  

“We’re planning for clinic days at Reser Stadium for the end of next week, probably Thursday and Friday. Everything is dependent upon how many doses we are allocated, so our planning approach has to be flexible,” said Bryan Lee, Benton County Emergency Manager. “Broadly speaking, our plan is to host mass clinics a few days each week and adjust the hours of operation as soon as we receive confirmation of our vaccine allocation week to week. Our current max capacity is 2,000 vaccinations a day, but so far we have not received anywhere near that type of allocation.” 

Rural communities as well as individuals who don’t feel comfortable attending a mass vaccination, as large crowds are more likely to aid the spread of the virus, will have a chance to receive the vaccine dose in smaller clinics. 

Benton County is still administering the vaccine to the individuals from 1a groups, using a needs-assessment survey as a mean of selection. However, per the new Oregon Health Authority’s phased distribution plan, Educators/Child Care Providers from Phase 1b are now eligible for vaccination as well. They are now able to complete the survey in English or Spanish. 

El formulario para determinar la elegibilidad está en español aqui.  

By Joanna Rosińska