Public Forum: Local Journalism’s Future

Local journalism is the news that Nat Geo and the New York Times can’t tell you. It’s the journalism that covers what’s planned for your street, and what’s happening in your schools. Local journalism impacts your daily life. 

Yet, community-based journalism is facing existential challenges.  

Here’s What’s Happened 

Even before the pandemic, revenues supporting local coverage had been declining for years, and the lockdown cut any remaining advertising revenue by 42% at local newspapers across the country. In the last 15 years, about 1,800 newspapers in the U.S. closed, and there are now almost 25% fewer reporters available to tell you what’s happening. Here in Corvallis, one daily cut its staff in half, then dismissed their longtime editor. 

During the lockdown, over 60 local papers closed nationwide. Locally, Lee Enterprises shuttered the Philomath Express, and we at The Advocate reduced pay and staff positions. 

So we’ve assembled a group of industry insiders to talk about how they’re meeting those challenges, and what news consumers can anticipate in the future. There will be generous time made available at the end of the discussion for questions. 

Our Panelists Include 

Camilla Mortensen, Editor, Eugene Weekly 

Steve Humphrey, Editor, Portland Mercury  

Stephen Forrester, President, EO Media 

Jaycee Kalama, Editor, The Barometer 

Jim Rondeau, KLCC, Station Manager  

Jennifer Moody, Oregon State University, Orange Media Network 

Rob Priewe, LBCC, Journalism Instructor 

Moderators include Jillian St. Jacques, OSU Journalism Instructor; Cara Nixon, Contributing Journalist at The Barometer and Corvallis Advocate; and Steven Schultz, Publisher of The Corvallis Advocate and President of City Club of Corvallis. 

How to Access CitySpeak Forums 

Live on The Advocate’s website or Facebook page.  

Video of the forum will be available right after CitySpeak adjourns for the night. 

How to Get a Question Submitted 

Viewers can submit questions before and during the forum. Before the event, email, message us on social media, or just post your question on one of the social media posts of the event. During the event, you can still email or message us on social media, or submit your question on the Facebook posting of the live event. 

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