OSU Survivors Unite with Petition

March of 2021 has shined some light on a pernicious problem which has plagued Oregon State University and other education institutions. Mishandling of sexual assault claims at Louisiana State University where F. King Alexander was president not only spurred an action to remove him from his current position as president of OSU, but also to petition for a permanent restructure of the survivors’ assistance. 

The petition on The Action Network, addressed to OSU’s board of trustees and the OSU’s President. is demanding better support for the survivors of sexual assault. According to the Office of Women’s Health 20% of women and 5 – 6% of men will experience sexual assault during college, but only 12% will report it. 

The petition is endorsed by:  

  • The Coalition of Graduate Employees 
  • The president and vice president of the Associated Students of OSU  
  • The executive council of United Academics at OSU  
  • We Can Do The Work 
  • Disarm OSU  
  • The leadership team for Women, Gender and Sexuaility Sudies at OSU  
  • Brenda Tracey – a survivor and the founder of Set The Expectation   
  • Service Employees International Union local 503 sublocal 083 

The petition’s demands address among other topics “conducting a full audit of the past ten years of Equal Opportunity and Access’s (EOA) title IX cases, a mechanism of immediate feedback with oversight, transparency with reporting EOA staff members and introducing a new training curriculum,” according to The Daily Barometer. 

The petition states that for years students and faculty have been asking OSU to “recognize and correct deeply rooted problems with the [EOA] office.”  

The petition has received nearly 500 signatures of 800 they want to see. If you would like to sign, click here. 

By Joanna Rosińska