OSU Researcher: Pandemic Needs to be Dealt with Globally

An Oregon State University researcher told reports on Tuesday that vaccinating people in America against COVID-19 will not be the end of the pandemic.  

More than 1.1 million Oregonians have either been fully or partially vaccinated against coronavirus, and thousands more are being added to that tally each day. Americans may be able to mostly return to their normal lives by the middle of the summer, but unfortunately the fight is not over. 

Brett Tyler is a genome researcher at OSU and one of the leaders of the TRACE project which tests for the prevalence of the virus in cities across the state.  

In an interview with KLCC, Tyler said, “If we vaccinate all Americans, but the virus is running un-checked elsewhere in the world, that creates a possibility of more and more variants appearing and returning back to our shores.”  

Tyler said that fighting the coronavirus needs to continue being a global effort until it is in-check everywhere.  

Though many countries have had a vaccine push, there are many more that have not, and some even yet that have little to no vaccines administered.   

By: Hannah Ramsey 

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