OSU Offers a Play in Seven Acts by Six Students

Oregon State University Theatre will present a student-created play “Ten minutes at the Townsend” on March 19 at 7:30 p.m. This virtual play consists of six ten-minute excerpts from students’ plays followed by a three-minute coda, all set in a fictional small town, Pine Riverbend, CA in 1980-1989.  

It is a collection of every-day conversations about family bonds and growing up in a small town, happening in the same diner booth between different couples at different years. The project, directed by OSU theatre arts instructor Elizabeth Helman, includes:  

  • “1980: Alex and Charlie” by Libby Brennan 
  • “1981: Mary and Hazel” by Abby Oliver 
  • “1983: Leslie and Jordan” by Taylor Stageberg 
  • “1985: Tom and Linda” by Nikki Richardson 
  • “1987: Aaron and Jamie” by Abrianna Feinauer 
  • “1988: Conner and Gwen” by Hannah Schwartz 
  • “1989: Coda” by Libby Brennan. 

It is a collaboration of writers and performers, as well as participants of the winter term theatre course in sound design.  

Helman said, “The writers were incredibly dedicated to telling these stories. We went through an intensive writing and editing process over winter break so that by the time the scripts got into the actors’ hands, they had each gone through five or six drafts.” 

The cast includes OSU students Lorna Baxter, Libby Brennan, Keegan Dittmer, Noah Fox, Srimanyu Ganapathineedi, Natalie Harris, Leah Kahn, Hannah Schwartz, and Kane Sweeney, supported by OSU theatre alumni AJ Glessner, Samantha Johnson, and Josh Smith. 

The play will stream with the support of KBVR-TV on the KBVR You Tube Channel and tickets are available for purchase. Patrons can name their own price to support the OSU theater. The play was also supported by KBVR and the OSU campus branch of US Bank. 

By: Joanna Rosińska