OSU Board Meets Over Tuition, Aid, Presidents

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees met on Friday, April 2 to discuss several important topics including tuition increase, financial aid increase, the appointment of an Interim President, and a review of the 2019 presidential search which led to the appointment of now-resigned University President F. King Alexander.  

The tuition changes recommended by the Board included an increase of 2.5% for undergraduate students continuing their education at OSU and 4% for new students.  

For graduate students, the recommended increases varied between in-state students and out-of-state, with the former seeing an increase of 1.5% and the latter an increase of 4.5%. The Board noted that the current resident graduate tuition was “higher than peers,” whereas the non-resident graduate tuition was lower, leading to the difference in increase.  

Another notable fee increase the Board proposed was 5% to the both Corvallis campus’ Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services fees. This was noted to “meet increasing costs of medical staffing.”  

In addition to these tuition and fee increases, the Board recommended an increase in institutional financial aid. Financial aid will increase to $59.5 million, up from $45 million in 2020. Additionally, according to KEZI, OSU students are expected to receive $24.3 million in federal aid as a result of national pandemic relief legislation.  

On the topic of the appointment of an Interim President, the Board plans to close nominations on April 9 and announce a recommendation on April 12.  

The areas of focus the Board outlined in their Interim President appointment document notably included the “ability to address and maintain momentum of SP4.0, the university’s review of sexual violence prevention, support and response; legislative agenda; and other key initiatives.”  

Finally, the Board discussed the external evaluation of the background check process performed during the hiring of former University President Alexander. The final findings of the external reviewer relating to the Board’s due diligence in accordance with industry and University standards will be issued and delivered on June 15 of this year.  

By Ardea C. Eichner