OSU Anticipates More In-Person Classes This Fall as Application Deadlines Loom

Earlier this month, Oregon State University shared its plans to have more in-person classes this fall just before its application deadline. 

On January 15, in a message to faculty and staff, OSU President F. King. Alexander said, “We do anticipate a more traditional campus experience in the fall and will provide you updates as we continue through the spring and summer. 

This message was delivered a few weeks before the fall term application deadline for incoming freshman on February 1, though on its website OSU says late applications will be accepted on a “space-available basis.” 

In an email to OPB, OSU said, “The details and certainty of fall term are still to come and will rely on many health related and vaccine-related matters.”  

The university said it understands that enough vaccinations would be distributed by the end of summer to allow for planning in-person and on-campus activities but said that it “will need to remain flexible and adjust our plans, if the situation changes.” 

OSU has had the second most COVID cases of Oregon’s public universities. The Benton County Health Department reports about 500 cases connected to the university’s Corvallis location since July. The university has reported 28 positive cases in its Cascades location.  

Most of Oregon’s public universities are planning to increase or return to in-person classes this fall. In addition to OSU, this includes University of Oregon, Portland State University, and Eastern Oregon University. 

Southern Oregon University said it hopes to be main in-person during fall term, and Western Oregon University and Oregon Institute of Technology said it was too early to tell what the term would look like. 

By: Hannah Ramsey 

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