OSU and U of O Announce COVID Policy Changes as Fall Term Approaches

Oregon State University and the University of Oregon have announced similar changes to their COVID-19 policies. In sum, if anyone wants to work or study at either of these universities, you will either need to undergo a weekly COVID-19 test and provide proof of vaccination.

Weekly negative COVID-19 tests will be required for unvaccinated students and employees — this includes anyone who is unvaccinated due to a requested exemption.

In their message to campus, U of O wrote that this decision was made “…after consulting with public health authorities and employee groups, and reviewing scientific data and best practices.” In that same message, they emphasized their commitment to protecting community members by detecting cases early in order to hopefully reduce the spread.

U of O’s policy change will take effect on Sept. 27, the first day of their fall term.

OSU’s policy is similar, although coronavirus response coordinator Dan Larson’s announcement outlines consequences for students and staff who fail to get their weekly tests. Anyone not following these new rules will face “…disciplinary action, up to and including termination of university employment. Students who are not in compliance may face disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the university.”

The announcement ends with Larson thanking the OSU community for “continued support of OSU’s responsive and comprehensive public health measures.”

OSU’s policy change will take effect on Sept. 15, a week before fall term classes start.

By Jalen Todd