Oregon Wolf Found in Yosemite

A young male gray wolf from Oregon’s White River Pack occupying an area east of Mt Hood was spotted near Yosemite National Park in California, as reported by the Associate Press. A wolf fitted with a tracking collar, coded as OR-93 ventured to Mono County, just east of Yosemite.   

The wolf settled in Mono county after having crossed state highways 4 and 208 and he is the sixteenth Oregon wolf with tracking collar spotted in California, although not the farthest-travelling one. Oregon wolves have been located as far south as Lake Tahoe Basin. 

Nearly a year ago, KATU 2 reported an ongoing recovery of Oregon wolf population–after nearing extinction–with the hope that by 2019 the specie would return to the Oregon Coast Range and Siskiyu Mountains. A 10% increase in observed population in 2018 indicates the recovery is on track, however lifting protections would be premature. 

Since wolves have been delisted from a federal protection, their preservation and recovery are up to the states. The trend of recovery has been observed last year in California, Washington, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

By: Joanna Rosińska