Oregon Minimum Wage Rises

If you’re earning the current minimum wage, you were owed a raise on July 1. If you’re earning just above the current minimum wage, you can expect a small bump as well, in the usual fashion. 

The transition on July 1 comes as part of the same bill from the Legislature as the raises which took place in the summer of 2020, and has been taking place annually since 2016. And as has been the case since 2016, Oregon is divided in three “Minimum Wage” categories: “metropolitan,” “regular,” and “rural.”  Benton County is considered regular.  

The respective minimum wages this time around will be $14 for metropolitan areas, $12.75 for regular, and $12 for rural. Next year, the final legislated increases will take Oregon’s minimum wages to $14.75, $13.50 and $12.50. 

This means that the “fight for fifteen” will not be won in Oregon this legislative cycle, even though wages are already rising in the wake of the pandemic. 

By John M. Burt