Albany Company Accrues DEQ Fines

It’s the time of month when the Department of Environmental Quality issues their list of who was fined for doing environmentally unfriendly things.  

For July, Selmet Inc. of Albany “a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of titanium castings and machined parts for the aerospace industry” was included. Selmet was called out for air quality issues for failing to install control equipment, and was fined $5,614.  

Also close to home, the City of Salem was fined $850 due to their underground storage tanks. The specific description reads, “Failing to test release detection, overfill and spill prevention equipment.”  

The highest DEQ fine for July went to Rory White of Medford, who was fined $39,800. White is the owner of The Art of Plumbing, and he was fined for establishing and operating a waste storage site without the proper permits.   

And the list goes on: 

  • HamCon Builders LLC, fined $1,950, White City in Jackson County. “Failing to make hazardous waste determinations.” 
  • Quantum Assets & Consulting LLC, fined $2,200, Portland in Multnomah County. “Conducting unlicensed asbestos abatement, removing asbestos-containing sheet vinyl flooring during a renovation project at a residence.” 
  • River City Environmental Inc., fined $2,400, Tualatin in Washington County. “Failing to obtain a service provider license prior to conducting underground storage tank services.”  
  • North West Septic LLC, fined $3,000, Astoria in Clatsop County. “Performing sewage disposal services without a current license.” 
  • Roseburg Forest Products Co., fined $4,000, Dillard in Douglas County. “Violating wastewater permit by discharging process wastewater to log ponds.”  
  • Daniel and Lisa Parkins, fined $4,180, Eagle Creek in Clackamas County.  “Discharging sediment into waters of the state from land clearing activities without first obtaining a permit.” 
  • JW Rock LLC, fined $5,600, Tillamook in Tillamook County.  “Reducing water quality below standards in a wetland near Eckroth Quarry by discharging stormwater from the quarry.” 
  • Pacific Shellfish – Tillamook LLC, fined $7,107, Bay City in Tillamook County. “Failing to monitor wastewater effluent for pollutants, placing wastes where likely to enter waters of the state.” 
  • Patricia Davis, fined $10,858, O’Brien in Josephine County. “Disposal of inoperable cars and recreational vehicles, as well as tires, batteries, appliances, household garbage and other solid waste, at an unpermitted site.” 
  • Zenith Energy Terminals Holdings LLC, fined $23,598, Portland in Multnomah County. “Operating without a stormwater permit, grading and performing other construction activities that could discharge sediment into [the] Willamette River.”

These fines are civil penalties, and each recipient has 20 days from the time they are received to give notice of appeal.  

By Sally K Lehman