OR Lawmakers Allow Pay for College Athletes

On June 3, the Oregon Senate passed Senate Bill 5 in a 23-6 vote. Senate President Peter Courtney has been promoting this bill since 2020.   

Now college athletes can hire sports agents to help them in negotiations and sign contracts so they can be compensated for use of their name, image, and likeness in endorsement deals and appearances. Athletes will also be allowed to accept food, lodging, insurance, and medical care as part of their compensation.   

SB 5 is different from the original bill proposed by Courtney in 2020. Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA, threatened Courtney with a lawsuit unless he removed wording that would require organizations profiting off merchandising royalties to give those royalties to the athletes.   

According to Courtney, that part of the bill will pass eventually, in spite of Emmert. Emmert said that the removed provision would disqualify all of Oregon’s college athletes because it would make them employees.  

By Jalen Todd