Office of Institutional Diversity Down Three POC

In a letter posted on July 7, Interim President Becky Johnson announced that Dr. Charlene Alexander would be stepping down as Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for OSU’s Office Institutional Diversity because she had accepted a position at Ball State University in Indiana. More recently, Dr. Alexander sent out an email to the student body which confirmed she was returning to Ball State and revealed that Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes and Brandi Douglas would be leaving the OID as well.   

Dr. Davis-White Eyes, the Director of Community Relations, is leaving to work at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara this October. Brandi Douglas, the Assistant Director of Outreach, is leaving to attend a doctoral program at Clemson University in South Carolina.   

In her letter, Dr. Alexander is overall positive about the state of OSU’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and programs. She also writes that Interim President Johnson is going to hold off on searching for a permanent Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer until fall 2021, a decision that was made in order to advance opportunities for gathering faculty and students’ input. OSU has also posted that they are looking for a new Assistant Director for Outreach.  

This departure leaves the OID with only one woman of color on staff out of the four staff members left. Hopefully, OSU’s hiring decisions will reflect the office’s goals when filling these three positions.  

By Jalen Todd