ODOT Begins Replacing Local Stormwater Systems

It’s time to start working on the stormwater system in Corvallis. And we all know, that means you’ll get to hear much more racket on the streets, as well as finding exciting new ways to drive from point A to point B – A equaling the corner of 5th and Adams, while B equals the corner of 2nd and Monroe. And yes, parking will be an issue. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation began working Wednesday, Sept. 29 and will be working from Sunday night through Friday morning, 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. – which means that downtown businesses and residences will be subjected to added levels of noise overnight. Workers will be focused on underground work for the first six to eight weeks, and will address the surface issues of repaving and painting lines after that.  

ODOT plans to replace existing stormwater pipes and inlets, to install stormwater quality treatment facilities, and to resurface stormwater trenches. The goal is to have the work completed by the end of 2021. The cost of these improvements comes in at $1,625,000. 

You can check out the ODOT interactive construction map before driving into town to be safe. And if you have any questions, email Angela Beers Seydel. 

So if you’ve had complaints about stormwater on 99W through downtown, then your words have been heard and ODOT is on it – provided the weather holds, of course.  

By Sally K Lehman