Nearman May Plead Guilt

Last year, on December 21, former State Rep. Mike Nearman opened the doors of the State Capitol during a legislative session, allowing far-right protesters into the building. He refused to resign his position, despite other House Republicans asking him to step down, and was later voted out of office.

Nearman has been charged with one count of first-degree official misconduct and one count of second-degree criminal trespass, both misdemeanors. The maximum sentence for those two charges together would be a fine of $7,500 and over a year in prison. This is in addition to the fine of $2,000 he had to pay to redress damages done to the Capitol Building.

Nearman told conservative radio host Lars Larson that he intended to take this case before a jury. However, according to court records, Nearman is scheduled for a plea or sentencing hearing next week.

By Jalen Todd