National Poetry Month: Two Poems by Rene Mullen

The Pandemic: A Memoir

By Rene Mullen

I learned, over time, I

control almost nothing

of what keeps me alive

find yourself

unable to protect

what was built to save

the hoards of nothing

we hold so close

No Such Thing As Vampires

By Rene Mullen

When the last woman, man, and child

is safe

One politician screams

This garlic saved us from vampires! See, no monsters!

The other cries

We were lied to by scientists! See, no monsters!

The herd nods at both

smiling three piece suits

tithe themselves into poverty

and shower placating mouths

with lavish wealth

Rene Mullen is managing editor for a PR firm in Albuquerque, performance and traditional poet, and author of the full-length poetry collection This Still Breathing Canvas. His poetry has been featured in Poetry Quarterly, 50 Haikus, and the Santa Fe Literary Review.