National Poetry Month: humpty dumpty by dinaz rogers

humpty dumpty 

by dinaz rogers 


On a very high wall 

nice and tall 

sat Humpty Dumpty 

painted up like a doll; 

poor egg … a sight 

it looked a fright. 

Cheeks: two dots of pink 

Eyes: in deep-black ink 

Lips: all blue 

one black felt shoe 

other a bright ecru. 


Then came 

all the 

King’s horses 

and all the King’s men 

who stood as guards 

lest Humpty fell 

and broke in shards. 

 ‘Cause Humpty without: 

health coverage, catastrophic illness, 

life, or accident insurance… 

could sue the royal wall-builder. 


Poets, painters, 

printers, social workers 

even doctors and nurses 

wondered out loud 

opined and debated, 

then one spoke: 

“What would happen to Humpty 

if he fell and broke?” 

A philosopher declared if he fell 

it was so fated. 

The artist assailed Dumpty’s face 

garishly painted. 

The chef thought: a thousand ways 

once he was cracked 

 Humpty be transformed 

into omelets, quiche or cake? 

Aah, the possibilities to be tried 

poached, baked, scrambled or fried?  


Then along came a publisher … 


Saw a big sale in this tale 

of that unbroken shell on the wall, 

dismissing all the King’s horses 

 and all the King’s men, 

he opened a book … 

the egg fell in — look 


and became 

in the fullness of time 

a favorite children’s 

nursery rhyme.