National Poetry Month: A Second Marriage Gift by Peggy Mullett

A Second Marriage Gift 

By Peggy Mullett 


A coming together of lives, 

A helping, a healing, 

Together with feeling. 

The real meaning of husbands and wives. 


Of long walks and honest talks, 

Of repairs and no “airs” 

Songs on a hillside, 

And always side-by-side, 

No more alone but now “pairs”. 


Of Christmas trees and memories, 

Dutch plates and lunch dates, 

Flights of fancy and real. 

The way to a heart can be part 

Of a start and always is more 

Than a meal. 


All this is what makes it 

Easy to take it; the work, 

And the fears and the years.   

Together in loving, admiring and giving 

This is my gift to you, CHEERS!