Most Corvallis-Area Groceries Still Require Masks

Based on CDC guidance about wearing facial coverings indoors, some businesses have begun to allow vaccinated patrons to opt-out of masks. However, the only grocery stores near Corvallis which seem to be offering this option are ones outside city limits.  

According to accounts from visitors and some research done by our reporters, masks are still required to be worn by all visitors to Safeway locations, Walmart, Fred Meyer, and contrary to some rumors, Trader Joe’s.  

Although Trader Joe’s has been in the media as a result of their corporate branch being the “first major retailer” to do away with mask mandates for vaccinated people, the signs in front of the Corvallis location make it very clear that the store is maintaining mask mandates. The signs include an informational flyer recommending people to visit the Oregon Health Authority website for more information.  

Other stores are in a similar situation. For example, Walmart’s corporate management has also done away with mask mandates. But based on conversations with employees from both Trader Joe’s and Walmart, the Corvallis locations have made no such changes.  

A few stores near Corvallis have decided to let vaccinated customers enter the store without masks, including Costco and Target, both in Albany. Based on our research, neither business requires documentation of the vaccine from their customers at this time.  

By Ardea C. Eichner