Loss of Steering Control in Honda Accord Sedans Under Federal Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating complaints about Honda Accord sedan steering failures, something that could impact over 1.1 million cars. 

On Monday, the NHTSA posted documents saying they received 31 complaints about the problem; Honda has received 77. Owners said they lost control of the steering and the car deviated from where the driver intended it to go. Among these complaints were reports of two crashes and two injuries. 

The investigation, opened after a petition from an owner last October, includes Accords from the 2013 through 2015 model years. The investigation will cover how often this occurs, how many vehicles are affected, and the safety consequences. It is possible this may lead to a recall. 

An owner from San Bruno, California, speaking to the Associated Press, wrote in a complaint that their 2013 Accord veered to the left while going down a small hill. The owner, whose name was redacted, said they couldn’t control the car, which crossed several lanes of traffic and hit a building, injuring the driver and the passenger. 

The petitioner for the investigation and owner of another 2013 Accord, whose name is also redacted, wrote, “My vehicle repeatedly turned 90 degrees of its own volition. This ‘behavior’ was replicated by Honda dealership mechanics.”  

Because mechanics could not find a digital trouble code for this, the car was not covered under warranty, according to the owner. 

Honda was contacted by AP but had not heard back at press time. 

By: Hannah Ramsey