Local Residents Share Their Vaccination Stories

Now that there are several different vaccines and they are being distributed with admirable speed across the state, quite a few local people have already been vaccinated. Here are the stories of a few who have decided to share them. 

Susie Schwartz

I had my first one. Super sore arm and a bit tired for a couple of days. Getting my second [in a few days]. I felt relieved and happy to get it and I’m excited to get the second. 

Ashley Talamantes

I was very lucky. My first vaccine resulted in nearly no side effects. I had a bit of a sore arm and did notice I felt a little tired after I moved around for more than a few minutes. Just a slight loss of energy. By 48 hours, no symptoms remained.  

I was very nervous about my second dose. Nearly everyone I knew who had it had a day or two of flu symptoms. Again, I was lucky. 24 hours of feeling very tired and rested in bed. I had a headache as well.  Within 48 hours, I was back to normal with the exception of the arm. My arm was very sore for about three days. Difficulties moving it. Definitely couldn’t lift anything. Sleeping was a pain because the aching would wake me up. 

How am I feeling? Well, I do feel relieved. I do feel hope that we can start moving forward as a county and little town. I feel like I did my part and I would do it again. I know a lot of folks can’t get the shot or are worried about it. Some people can’t for health reasons. To me, my risks were minimal and it was my job to get vaccinated as someone who could and can. 

The risks of not being vaccinated were not worth it to me. I don’t want to be away from family and friends for any longer than I need to be. I didnt want to have to tell my four-yearold that I can’t snuggle him because I got sick. 

I don’t have any immediate plans to change the way I’m living. I want to continue to be safe until we see a larger shift locally. Then I may expand to seeing more friends and going places.  

Andrew Freborg 

Shot one was [a] piece of cake. Just a sore arm starting about seven hours after, lasting just over 24 hours. Nothing major and not even as bad as a flu shot. Shot two felt like I got run over by a truck. Sore arm started after three hours, that night had chills and neck pain, ran a 100 degree fever, and the next day had one of the biggest non-migraine headaches of my life. But by 48 hours after [the] shot I was back to normal. I had the Moderna one. 

I absolutely would get it again without hesitation. Best option is get it when you don’t have anything you need to do for the next 36ish hours. 

Tricia Thomas Larson 

I was very leery of getting the vaccine at first. As a nurse, I know that it usually takes years to get approval of any vaccine. I do work at the hospital in Corvallis. I also have psoriatic arthritis and take injections every two weeks that lower my immune system. After speaking with my doctors, I was highly encouraged to get the vaccines. We just had to be careful and plan them in between my other shots. I do feel safer but I still take precautions. The first vaccine gave me a mild headache and the second vaccine I had no side effects at all.  

I am still leery with the new variant that has come out of COVID but I do take relief in the fact that I have had the vaccine.  

Another Local Resident 

Both shots gave me a sore arm for about 72 hours. The first shot, I got some mild fatigue for a few days. I expected more symptoms with the second dose, but that wasn’t the case. I’m not sure how I feel about the future. Vaccination rates are still rather low. Of my colleagues, under half have opted to get it. I do believe the vaccine is the way back to eating indoors at restaurants again. Though I probably will continue to mask in public, I haven’t been sick since having to.  

By John M. Burt