Local Artist Sale to Help American Cancer Society

Corvallis painter Rosana Berdichevsky is leaving town. She is relocating to Portland to help look after her husband while he undergoes cancer treatment. In a rush to set herself up in Portland, Berdichevsky asked Katie Gonzalez, her apartment’s building manager, to clear out her storage locker and donate its contents to a thrift shop.   

In the lockers, Gonzalez found more than two dozen of Berdichevsky’s paintings. Upon seeing the vivid colors and beautiful compositions – and knowing the circumstances of Berdichevsky leaving – Gonzalez decided these pieces deserved a different fate.  

She sold as many of the paintings from the parking lot of the apartment complex as possible, and took the rest to Queen B Organizing, who will be arranging a sale in the next few weeks, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.  

Most of the paintings are on stretched canvas inside wooden frames and under glass. Some are stretched without frames or glass, and a couple are painted onto wooden boards. They range from the size of a small book to the size of a modest window. Each image evokes a powerful emotional response: looking at a collage of photos and mementos, you might feel the pride and love of an old man for his family. Looking at silhouettes of elegantly posed women in delicate feminine clothing juxtaposed with teacups and wallpaper patterns, you feel the appreciation of formally presented femininity by the audience it is really intended for: other women.  

For more information, visit queenborganizing.com.  

By John M. Burt