Landlord Demands Corvallis Families Share Space at Oak Crest

Oak Crest Apartments, a complex that serves low-income families and is owned by Aperto Property Management out of California, is poised to undergo construction and is offering tenants a place to stay with multiple other families during the day.  

An informational letter dated April 1 informed tenants that they could stay in the townhouse called the “Hospitality Suite” during the “upcoming construction of all the units and property” if they completed a form by 10:00 a.m. on April 5. 

The letter says the “Suite will have up to 4 Current Oak Crest households or less,” sharing a kitchen and a bathroom. It also says guests need to follow COVID guidelines which include “cleaning their designated room and used common area after every use daily.”  

Jamie Westfall, the manager of the apartments, said in an email that, “Management is utilizing a tenant relocation plan reviewed and approved by both HUD and Oregon Housing & Community Services Department. The rooms will have doors with locks that the residents will be asked to close to minimize airflow.” 

Westfall said management was working to follow the CDC guidelines for multifamily housing. 

“Management is working diligently to follow these guidelines, including promotion of cleaning and disinfection, cleaning crews hired to clean each unit between each household’s use, and a modified layout rather than an open congregation,” Westfall said. 

The letter said “This is a DAY USE only facility, and no personal items should be brought over or left unattended in the suite. We will not be responsible for any stolen or broken personal items.”  

Later it says that tenants will have one shelf in the fridge for food during the day, or can bring a cooler to sit in the kitchen, then further clarifies that they are not responsible for any stolen food or items brought in. 

“Residents are able to keep their personal items in their apartments during construction; any items that they bring to the hospitality suite are considered their responsibility,” Westfall said when asked about stolen item liability. “Management is installing locks on the doors of each room within the hospitality suite so that tenants can safely store their personal items. The refrigerator is shared, so we have asked that residents do the best they can to label their food items. If they are concerned about this, they can bring their own coolers and store it in their locked rooms.” 

April 1 was not the first-time tenants heard about construction, but it is unclear whether or not they had more than four days to complete the reservation form or knew about the arrangement specifics before then.  

When asked about whether the letter was the first tenants had received, Westfall said that “Residents were alerted previously that construction was set to begin on their units as of 3/23/21.”  

By: Hannah Ramsey