Kotek Moves to Oust Nearman

Oregon Speaker of the House, Tina Kotek, has introduced House Resolution 3 calling for the expulsion of Representative Mike Nearman for his actions leading up to and on December 21, 2020. Kotek has assembled a committee of three Republicans and three Democrats to consider the resolution. 

The timeline of events went like this: 

Dec 16: Nearman addressed constituents, giving out a phone number and plan for texting him so he could leave a door open for demonstrators. 

Dec. 21: Nearman left the Capitol building by a side door, leaving it partially open and allowing far-right protestors to enter the building. The protestors proceeded to use bear mace on officers, to assault journalist, and to break things. Nearman proceeded to walk around the building and re-enter through another side door. 

Jan. 8: Following the January 6 Insurrection at the Federal Capitol, Oregon State Police released video showing Nearman leave the Oregon Capitol door open. Marion County and the State Police began investigating the incident. 

Jan. 12: Nearman was stripped of his committee assignments and 24-hour access to the Capitol building. A fine of over $2,700 was issued to him for damages done to the building.  

Jan. 13: Nearman defended his actions, saying that he believes that citizens should be allowed access to lawmakers. He also said that he and his family had been harassed over this incident. 

Apr. 30: Nearman was charged with two misdemeanor offenses by the Marion County District Attorney. 

June 3: An attorney from the Portland area completed her report concerning the incident, saying that Nearmanmore likely than not” left the door open for protestors on purpose. 

June 7: Newspapers across Oregon reveal what Nearman called “Operation Hall Pass” in which he seemingly planned out the breach of the Capitol building with his constituents.  

By Sally K Lehman