How to Safely Surrender Unwanted Firearms and Ammunition

Getting rid of a gun that you don’t want can be incredibly stressful. While you can certainly sell it to another person or to a business, things can be a bit tricky. With the passage of Senate Bill 941 into law, you can’t just sell a gun privately to another person. So what can you do with unwanted guns or ammunition? 

The Oregon Firearms Safety Act, or SB 941, passed in 2015, requiring all gun sales between private parties to occur with a licensed gun dealer present. This allows the dealer to perform not only a background check, but all shipping or delivery of firearms — hopefully making the process safer for all involved. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much in place from the state or local government that explains exactly what to do with a gun that you just plain don’t want. If you’ve found a firearm, or perhaps inherited one that you don’t want, you can’t just throw it in the trash. So where should it go? 

Depending on where you live in Benton County, the answer will change slightly.  

If you want to surrender a gun or its ammunition and you live within the Corvallis city limits, you can bring them to the Corvallis Police Department for surrender and destruction. If you’re still in Benton County but out of any city limits, bring them to the Benton County Sheriff’s office.  

Alternatively, if you would prefer to responsibly sell your weapon to a third party, you can reach out to the folks at Tick Licker Firearms in Corvallis, right off SW 3 Ave. For a minimal fee, they can transfer ownership for any licensed firearm. 

One last thing: While any firearms are in your possession, please keep them safely away from anyone who shouldn’t have access to them. Thousands die every year as a result of gun accidents.  

By Ethan Hauck