How to Adult 101: City Email Subscriptions

People reach “adulthood” in different ways. For some of us it is when we rent our first homes, drool over an efficient vacuum, or have a favorite spatula. For others, it’s realizing they can be updated on all broad or niche news and activities in their city with a simple click of their mouse. 

Most folks grow at their own rate and pace, but some have discovered the secret of entering adulthood at warp speed; they have subscribed to their cities’ e-NEWS.  

Congratulations! I do not care what age you are; if you have chosen the latter, you have now reached true adulthood. The city of Corvallis has a list of email subscriptions from City Budget updates to Parks and Recreation activities, as well as information from the Climate Action Advisory Board.  

I dare you to tell me that you don’t care about the opportunity to be involved in big decisions in your Ward and have your voice heard in surveys.  

That’s right, you can’t. You have reached the age where you care about the Green House Gas Inventory and want to read about it firsthand. 

If you are drooling on your screen at the thought of being in the know, take a deep breath and head over to the city’s website. Take a look at their list of e-subscriptions and sign up for however many your now-fully-matured, grown-up, heart desires. 

It’s a lot to take in, but it is glorious.  

By: Hannah [Adult] Ramsey