Grant for Harmonious Living between Farmers and Wildlife

In an effort to foster the coexistence of agriculture and wildlife, the Benton County Agriculture and Wildlife Protection Program will be offering grants to agricultural operations for the installation of non-lethal wildlife deterrents. 

Applicants for the grant are asked to fill out an application form which outlines what livestock or crops they have, what sorts of wildlife they interact with — beavers, nuisance animals and predatory mammals or birds, and what is their proposal for non-lethal deterrence. Some examples of common non-lethal deterrents include protective caging, improved fencing, scare devices, and livestock guard dogs.  

The AWPP is allotted $40,000 for the 2021-23 biennium, and each applicant may receive up to $5,000 in grant funding. Materials and services for the project are provided by Benton County, Oregon State University, Chintimini Wildlife Center, and Program Advisors who offer expert education on ranching and interacting with wildlife. 

Although many types of wildlife, especially predator animals and beavers, are potentially harmful to all sorts of livestock and crops, many of them are in danger as well. These animals are ecosystem engineers and are vital to the healthy operation of our wild spaces and the landscapes we have come to know and love. As such, this program allows the harmonious cooperation and cohabitation of the land between us and our wild neighbors. 

Grant funding is based on reimbursement of purchased materials, and promotes proactive solutions on the part of ranchers and farmers to work towards the goal of more harmonious living with local wildlife. 

To apply for an AWPP reimbursement grant, fill out the application available from their website. Applications are due by July 30, and successful applicants will be notified and awarded by September 1. 

By Ardea C. Eichner 

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