Grand Ronde Tribal Member’s Sacred Regalia Stolen

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Auburn Logan reported her car stolen from Bell Road Northeast in Salem, Oregon. Marion County law enforcement officers located the vehicle on Hazelgreen Road near Chemawa Indian School on Monday, Nov. 22. A box of regalia was missing from the trunk. 

Logan is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, a confederation of more than 30 Tribes and bands from Western Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Northern California. Logan has expressed much pain at the loss of her items — otter furs, shell necklaces, a white floral scarf, moccasins, beaded earrings, a shawl, a dentalium choker, and leggings — and explained that the depth of loss is impossible for non-Native people to understand. 

“Those were on my grandfather’s side,” she told KOIN 6, adding that they signify the heritage, strength and resilience of the Yurok, Tolowa and Karuk Tribes in Northern California. “We have walked this earth and we’ve walked these grounds and this land for thousands of years. I carry my ancestors’ dreams and we want to keep their language, the culture, the traditions alive and well and keep them safe.” 

The day she reported the stolen car, Logan shared on social media, “I could care [sic] less about my stolen car, I care about the traditional regalia pieces that are in it.” The day the car was recovered and she discovered the theft of her regalia, Logan wrote, “I am in disbelief. I am ruined… I know they will always be a part of me.” 

Logan has asked people to continue sharing her message all over social media. 

“It’s out there somewhere. I’ve cried every day. I’ve smudged. I’ve prayed. I’ve sang for it to come back home,” she said. “I just hope that the Native community, whoever is watching this and if your valuables have ever been stolen you know exactly how this feels — it’s a huge huge trigger. I know plenty of people in my community where they’ve had regalia stolen as well. This is not the first time this is happened [sic] and it’s not going to be the last.” 

In a Facebook post shared on Thanksgiving, Logan said that another way to help and support her is by donating; her Venmo account is @AuburnLogan, and her PayPal account is All funds will go towards rebuilding her regalia. Over $1,100 has been donated so far. 

“Community is amazing,” she wrote. “I cannot be more grateful. So much love.” 

By Grace Miller, Emilie Ratcliff 

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