Florence Shop Gives Young Men New Lease on Life

The Florence-based Old Town Barbershop has given a new lease on life to three young men that were formerly under the custody of the Oregon Youth Authority. Jess, Kincade, and Tyler are all graduates of the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility’s barber program.   

“It’s a good opportunity because it’s giving us the job we actually went to school for,” Kincade told MyOregon News. “Communicating with different kinds of people is awesome. It’s good that we make money down there, but getting the experience is what makes it worth it.”  

The shop’s owner, Geraldine Prociw has worked with Camp Florence Youth Transitional Facility through Marc Barnum, the facility’s Vocation and Education Services for Older Youth coordinator.   

Prociw told MyOregon, “It’s encouraging that the State of Oregon allows a barber program at MacLaren. What a great way to turn a bad situation into a wonderful situation. It’s such an amazing trade to have in your back pocket.”  

And it seems that the three young men are talented professionals, according to the community.  

“We have people from other cities coming to us to get their hair cut,” said Jess. “We have our own business cards and everything.”  

And the opportunity to turn over a new leaf without their past hovering over their shoulder has been a blessing to the young men, according to Kincade.   

“It’s good to have community people that don’t even know where we’re from or what we’ve done when we first meet them,” Kincade says. “A lot of people have been helping us figure out how things work in society. They’re trying to teach us right now so we can move on and get better.” 

By: Ethan Hauck 

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