First Alternative Co-op Fire: Getting Back to Normal

On Friday, January 29, a blaze consumed part of the annex of the First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op. The fire department extinguished the fire, which luckily was confided to the annex, allowing the Co-op store to reopened the following Saturday with regular hours.   

Co-op Brand Manager, Emily Daniel told The Corvallis Advocate: ”We were properly insured and are optimistic that [the insurance] will cover much of our costs to rebuild, but we are still very [early] in the process. Our kitchen and bakery were indeed in the annex building where the fire occurred, so they are currently out of commission. We are looking for alternative options in the community for a temporary kitchen/bakery space and will be sure to let shoppers know as soon as it is up and running again in any capacity.    

The kitchen/bakery at our South store annex did all the cooking/baking for both [Co-op] locations, so there is no alternative kitchen space at the North store we can utilize. We are so grateful for the outpouring of community support. We will be sure to let the community know if there are other ways they can provide support or assistance down the road, but for now, the best way to provide support for us is to continue shopping at the Co-op.”   

By: Joanna Rosińska 

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