DEQ Podcast Answers Air Quality Questions

As Oregonians battle another brutal wildfire season, the notion of whether this will be our new normal lingers in the smoky gray air.  

Even now that the epic Bootleg Fire has been successfully contained, Oregon is still fighting nearly 10 large wildfires within the state. Over the holiday weekend, the air quality index for Bend reached nearly 300 as smoke from wildfires blew through central Oregon. As we enter the one-year anniversary of the most devastating close to wildfire season in Oregon’s history, the future of air quality in our once crystal-clear state hangs desperately in the balance.   

In response to these horrifying effects of Climate Change, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality recently set in motion a new podcast, GreenState, which is designed to inform and educate the public in the department’s air, water, and land protection efforts.  

“Where’s the smoke” a three-part series related to wildfires and air quality are the podcast’s premiere episodes.  

“This is one more way we are reaching the public with some excellent and useful information,” DEQ Communications Manager, Harry Esteve, told My Oregon News. “Podcasts are becoming one of the most popular ways to learn more about the world, and we are happy to contribute.”   

Where’s the Smoke takes a peek into air quality in previous years, today, and what we can expect for the future. The series’ first two episodes are now available via SoundCloud as well as most other listening platforms, and the final episode should be released in the next week or so.   

By: Rebekah Harcrow