Darkside Cinema – The People vs. Agent Orange – a Limited Release Film

Agent Orange didn’t end in the war and it didn’t end in Vietnam. It is used today as a primary chemical for controlling weeds in farms, forests, parks, and playgrounds. It is still creating deformities in children. It is changing the human genome.  

The Darkside Cinema presents The People vs. Agent Orange as a eventive rentable movie. Just go to eventive’s website and buy your ticket sometime before Jan. 28. You’ll have seven days to start watching, and three days to finish once you’ve begun. This offer is only for people living in Oregon. 

This 2020 release, directed by Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna, talks to a Vietnamese woman living in France who is suing the American chemical industry. They also meet up with an American woman who exposes the continued use of this toxic chemical. With disappearing evidence, threats, and contaminated reservoirs, this documentary has more twists than the average thriller. 

To add to the story, Vimeo has an interview with the co-directors and other important figures who contributed to the making of this film. So after you watch the movie, go here to see what happened behind the scenes.   

By Sally K Lehman