CSD Summer School Programs

This summer, students will have ample resources to encourage growth in a plethora of ways after the toll of the pandemic, but what does that look like on a practical, day-to-day level? 

The Corvallis School District says there will be five different programs expanded and enhanced with further funding. These include everything from mental health support to academic and social support. 

Mental Health  

One program is “Care and Connect,” which will be available to all grades. This program to provide mental health resources is available all summer long. 

Cody Hansen, Summer Programs Coordinator for the school district, said in Care and Connect, “We will also have regular contact with staff who will be supporting a variety of social and emotional needs for kids and families. Part of this work will be to provide ongoing food and hygiene resources for families in need. Additionally, we will be offering a health and resource fair in late August to help students and families get ready for a new school year.” 

A health clinic will also be available during the last parts of August. 

Academic Support 

Mental health isn’t the only thing the school district aims to support. One of these programs, “Academic and Skill Recovery,” is set to happen mainly in August. This program is offered to all grades and will happen online, in-person, or with a combination of both.  

Offered to high schoolers only is “Credit Recovery” which will be available in-person only, regardless of what the web site might say. 

“Classes are three hours long, five days a week, for five weeks. Some students will attend a morning session and an afternoon session to work on two different subjects. The classes will be in person and proficiency-based,” Hansen said. “Students will earn credit or partial credit based on demonstrating proficiency with a cluster of standards in that subject area.” 

The standards for full or partial credit will be set by the summer school teachers. 


For peer reconnection, the school will offer something else. The “Student RE-Engagement” program intends to connect students by participation in project-based learning.  

“At the elementary level, one example is our partnership with Corvallis Parks and Recreation to provide a three-week afternoon camp for students.  Students will engage in outdoor nature activities in the school gardens and wetlands, as well as arts and outdoor games,” Hansen said. “At the high school level, a science teacher is running a two-week Ecology camp in August with lessons revolving around daily field trips.” 

Odds and Ends 

Summer school can seem hectic, but getting there doesn’t have to add to the stress. Hansen said that transportation for participating students will be provided by the school district.  

The form to enroll students can be found online for each school, and any questions not covered can be answered by the student’s school office.  

By: Hannah Ramsey