Corvallisite Runs Every Corvallis Street

Corvallisite Micah Tuttle did something few have done before. When his normal routes through the trails and forest roads of Benton County were closed due to COVID, Tuttle started running the streets. And over the course of 2020, he ran every street in Corvallis – even making the effort to not repeat any or double back.  

I have previously attempted the same thing elsewhere, so it was a good way to get my miles in, explore the town, and also avoid running the same route repeatedly,” he told The Advocate in an email interview.  

Tuttle has been a runner for about ten years, and considers running alone outdoors “among the safer alternatives for aerobic exercise as far as virus transmission goes.” Since he rarely wore a mask while running, he did pass people “with as wide a berth as possible, often running in the street to leave the sidewalk open.”   

The appreciation for getting out of his own neighborhood to explore the town offered Tuttle new things to see which he had never noticed before. “Mini libraries?  Amazing landscaping and interesting architecture?  Basketball hoops, hockey nets, or soccer goals, just waiting for a friendly neighborhood throwdown?  You’ll find all of that, and probably closer than you think.  

His goal for running the city streets was to train for the MacDonald Forest 50k, which was unfortunately cancelled in 2020. And his next goal?   

“I’m signed up for the Mary’s Peak 50k this spring, so I’m hoping to do well there,” Tuttle said. ”It’s nice to have something on the calendar to work towards, but running is also one of my favorite modes of exploration – it’s self-powered, faster than walking, and requires no equipment.”  

By Sally K Lehman