Corvallis to Albany Bike Path Project Wins Big Grant

For over a decade, Benton County has been working towards building a bike path between Corvallis and Albany. After experiencing some setbacks over the years, the Corvallis to Albany Bike Path Project is finally making a bit of progress. Recently, the project was awarded a $990,000 grant through the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Community Paths Program. This grant also comes with an over $400,000 match requirement from Benton County.   

Oregon Community Paths Program is a new grant program dedicated to funding multi-use paths and completing existing active transportation programs in communities across the state. This grant program funds multi-use path project development, construction, reconstruction, and any other improvements of paths that increase access or safety for people walking and biking. This is a highly competitive grant program and by awarding the city of Corvallis this grant, ODOT has recognized the Corvallis to Albany Bike Path Project as an important endeavor in our community.   

Prior to being awarded this grant, the project already had a history working with ODOT during their Highway 20 Safety Projects. In 2019, as the state was making improvements to Highway 20 to reduce the high volume of crashes and improve visibility, the project was working to ensure that the bike path was compliant with ODOT’s safety measures.   

The new grant money from ODOT will be used to fund the construction of the NE Pilkington Ave to NE Merloy Ave section of path. The Corvallis to Albany Bike Path is a large-scale project, and the entire planned path is divided into sections — this grant money funds the section closest to Corvallis. This section of the path will be a 10-foot wide, multi-use path on the east side of Highway 20. As for the rest of the money from the county, it will go towards engineering and design work.   

According to county commissioner Pat Malone, construction of this section of the path will begin relatively soon, hopefully sometime in the next year. After being awarded this grant money, Pat said “construction is basically ready to go!”   

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By Hannah Meiner