Corvallis School District Awarded Grant to Support Innovation, Critical Needs

The Corvallis School District received a $235,000 grant from the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation to assist with needs such as support for students struggling with poverty, health and wellness, and innovating programming.  

Over a third of the grant will provide support for families through the school district’s Welcome Center, which has programs that help students’ families access essential supplies like food and clothing.  

Another third of the funds will support IMAGINE grants — which stand for Innovation , coMmunity, Action, chanGe, Inclusivity). The money will be distributed in response to staff and teachers’ grant applications, which include 26 projects that support creative efforts.  

The IMAGINE grant of 2021-22 includes investments in STE(A)M — science, technology, engineering, arts, and math — culturally relevant books, sustainability, music, and physical activity. The grant will cover 13 schools in the district, with College Hill High School receiving $15,000 to start folk-building and construction classes.  

$50,000 of the grant is going towards mental health programming, with a focus on middle schools to aid in suicide prevention, child sexual abuse education, anti-bullying agenda, and gender and sexuality education.  

The last $30,000 will be used to support staff in their well-being by providing food for community-building events, which aim to foster relationships between staff for a positive work environment. 

The full list of the IMAGINE grant can be viewed here, and the list of the other projects here. 

By Momoko Baker 

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