Corvallis Looks for Next Improvement Plan

The City of Corvallis is again taking suggestions for Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) meant to benefit the community. These CIPs are large-scale public works meant to make Corvallis more livable. These plans can cover maintenance of existing infrastructure or the building of new community improvements like the new path along Crystal Lake Drive. CIPs won’t fix a pothole, but they can reformat your local streets. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the CIP process is. 

First, a community member suggests a CIP. The City reviews that suggestion and then turns it over to the City Manager who writes up a draft. Then the Planning and Budget Commission get the draft so they can review it before it’s shown to the City Council. If the City Council approves the CIP, they allocate funds from the next fiscal year’s budget. 

These funds come from several places which include:  

  • Property Tax Bonds and Revenue-Supported Bonds, including city property tax and utility charges.
  • Current City Revenue from community projects like General and Street Funds and the Airport Fund.
  • Grants and gifts like local donations or federal grants the City applies for.
  • System Development Charges from the owners of a developing property. 
  • Federal/State Programs like low-interest loans or exchange funds.

For more information about CIP funding and a detailed look at the classification of these plans, check out the City’s CIP webpage. If you’re interested in what the CIPs for 2021-2025 are, the City has a PDF document available. 

Make sure to send your suggestions in by July 31. 

By Jalen Todd