Corvallis Businesses, Mask Requirements

Even though the CDC has recommended that people who are fully vaccinated can resume normal activities without wearing masks or observing social distance, many state and local governments are keeping various restrictions in place for all people, and many businesses are maintaining their current policies, even for people who can document their vaccinated status. The next few weeks are going to be confusing for people as they see increasing numbers of their neighbors on the streets and in stores, taking advantage of this new policy by going maskless. 

One big source of confusion is that not everyone will be able to go without a mask everywhere, because private businesses can set their own policies. We’ve contacted some local stores to find out what they have to say about masking. 

American Dream Pizza will continue to require masking at both of its restaurants, except when actively eating. 

The Bazaar International Market on Southwest 3rd St. will continue to require masks. 

Bi-Mart is continuing to require masks at both Corvallis stores while they wait to learn whether they can legally require people to show proof of vaccination before entering the store unmasked. 

The Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room on SW Deschutes Dr. in South Corvallis has a tap room open to the public that requires masks except when actively drinking. 

All branches of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library remain closed to the public, but the Library continues to do a brisk trade in contact-free services. 

The Corvallis Southside Market on South 3rd St. will continue to require masks. 

Crossfit Train on South 3rd St. said they intend to allow fully vaccinated customers to work out unmasked. 

Downing’s Gym said they would comply with state guidelines, and declined further comment. 

The First Alternative Co-Operative Grocery will continue to require masks for member and non-member shoppers and staff, and will continue to use dividers and other safety measures. 

Corvallis Fred Meyer will require masks for all customers. 

Corvallis Star Nails & Spa on Buchanan will still require clients to wear masks. 

HK Asian Market on Kings Blvd. will still require masks. 

The Home Depot at the northeast edge of town will continue to require masks. 

Lemongrass Noodle House on Monroe Ave. hasn’t decided yet whether they will continue to require masks. So if you go there, bring one along for now. 

The manager at Market of Choice seemed a little bit hesitant to commit himself, but eventually admitted that they will continue to require masks of all customers. 

At Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards, and Collectibles, they said, “When people ask, we say we’d prefer that people continue to wear masks.” 

New Morning Bakery will continue to require masks of people while they aren’t actively eating. 

The Post Office downtown will not require masks for vaccinated people, but branches which are inside other businesses such as UPS or FedEx stores may – check with them. 

At Salon Renew on Kings Blvd., the manager said she has “not reached a decision yet” as to whether she wants to change her mask policy. 

Rice ‘N’ Spice Oriental Foods on Van Buren Ave. will continue to require masks. 

There are three Safeway stores strategically located around Corvallis. All will continue to require masks. 

Squirrels’ Tavern on 2nd St. will require masks “until further notice.” 

The Washington Street Liquor Store is allowing people who are fully vaccinated to come in unmasked. 

WinCo will require masks of all customers until further notice. 

Many people who are fully vaccinated will continue to wear their masks in public, of course. 

Our advice? Follow your gut on this one and wear masks when you feel you should. No vaccine is 100% effective and there are many variants to the coronavirus. And if you find yourself without a mask, stay six feet away from anyone you don’t know. We’ll make it through this if we continue to stay careful. 


By John M. Burt