Corvallis Art Center Gets Back to Artivism

The Corvallis Arts Center is in full swing to bring “artivism” back to the community with a full schedule of shows for the remainder of 2021, including “Around Oregon,” “What Will Nature Do?,”  the annual fiber arts show, and “On to New Horizons.” 

Kicking the summer off is the annual “Around Oregon” exhibit running from June 24 to August 7. This year, “Around Oregon” features 30 artists from all over the state primarily focusing on 2D artworks and sculptures. Many of these pieces were inspired by the isolation everyone felt during the pandemic.  

Local artists who are included in this exhibit are: 

  • Mark Allison 
  • Celia Anderson 
  • Jerri Bartholomew 
  • Leah Bolger 
  • Clint Brown 
  • Philip Coleman 
  • Anthony Gordon 
  • Vicki Idema 
  • Chinh Lê 
  • Zi Li 
  • Karen Miller 
  • Ana Pearse 
  • Nolan Streitberger 

Thanks to this show, however, people will no longer be quite as isolated. On July 8, the Arts Center held an ice cream social, and on July 15 there was a virtual artist talk where community members could ask the artists questions about their work. Art has a reputation of bringing people together, and during a time of trauma and separation brought on by a worldwide pandemic, it’s become more important than ever.  

“[The show] became a place of respite for people and they saw the value in it. It energized and inspired people,” said Executive Director, Cynthia Hadlock.  

At the end of September, an exhibit everyone at the Arts Center is excited about will make its debut. “What Will Nature Do?” will run from September 30 to November 13. This exhibit combines art and science to communicate a positive message surrounding climate change. Submissions for this show are still being accepted; those who wish to be featured have until August 1 to submit their work for consideration.  

Following “What Will Nature Do?” in the fall is the annual exhibit on fiber arts. This show presents people with a different way of looking at fiber arts while connecting them to Benton County’s “Quilt County” history.  

For last year’s holiday exhibit, the Arts Center and 35 local artists bid a reflective farewell to 2020 with a show titled “Home Sweet Home” ⁠— fitting, considering hardly anyone was leaving their houses at the time. With people now being less confined than they were last year, however, the Arts Center will be using this year’s winter show to feature artwork that focus on people’s re-emergence into the world in an exhibit titled “On to New Horizons”.  

“Now that people are free to move, where will they go?” said Curator, Hester Coucke.  

Submissions for “On to New Horizons” close September 12. This show will be a combination of invitational and non-juried art pieces and is scheduled to run from November 18 to December 29.  

For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved with the Arts Center, visit and check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.  

By Kayla Mosley