Community Alert: Flyer Warns About Corvallis Nazis

In recent weeks, a flyer alerting community members to Nazis organizing in the Corvallis area was spotted on Technology Loop. The alert highlights two local men, Benjamin Baker and Bart Degeneffe, who have ties to neo-Nazism and the Proud Boys according to the Corvallis Antifacists, who posted the flyer. The Advocate condemns anyone who associates with such ideals and groups, and seeks to warn readers that though we have made positive strides, hateful people still exist, including in the Corvallis community.  

The flyer alleges that Baker is a member of the Proud Boys and is currently on trial for discharging a handgun while engaged in a verbal argument with someone at a local skate park. According to Corvallis Antifa, Baker also has a history of relationships with underage children and stalking, and he has sent death threats to members of the LGBTQ+ community in Corvallis.   

Baker’s history of relationships with underage children, threats of extreme violence, as well as racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic, and transphobic posts have been compiled in an article by the Corvallis Antifa’s blog.   

Degeneffe, according to the flyer, is a “neo-Nazi who has disrupted local BIPoC and LGBTQ+ events.” The flyer also alleges that he is known to be a friend of Andrew Oswalt, a white supremacist charged with a hate crime in 2018 who attended OSU and at one point, sat on the student council.  

More information about Degeneffe, as well as alarming, violent messages from him, have also been compiled on the Corvallis Antifa blog.   

Both Baker and Degeneffe work at the Safeway in Corvallis on Philomath Blvd., and the concern is that they may be organizing together. The two of them are both still active and have been spotted disrupting local BLM protests in Corvallis.    

This alert should serve as a reminder that this type of hatred continues and should be taken seriously. Stay safe.   

By Gabriella Scott