City Says Use Less Water

If you’re looking to save some money on that water bill, the City of Corvallis has some advice. The average Corvallis home uses about 66 gallons a person every day. That number can get down to around 45 gallons per person per day if you install more efficient fixtures and by finding and fixing any possible leaks. They also have a handy table courtesy of the Handbook of Water Use and Conservation for folks who want a breakdown of water usage statistics. 

The city provides free water audits to those who call Public Works at 541-766-6916. If you’re looking for a more hands-on and socially distanced option, the City also provides a how-to guide for performing your own water audit.  

Looking for more general tips on how to save water? The City has a page for that too. Here you can find ideas for saving water in the kitchen, in your bathroom, in the laundry room, and outside. Speaking of outside, they also have advice for effective lawn maintenance from the Metro regional government. If you want precise information on how much water your lawn and garden need, call the water conservation hotline at 541-766-6733. 

By Jalen Todd 

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