CHEERS & JEERS: Your Corvallis Real Estate Dollar, and OSU all over the news

WE WAIT WITH BAITED BREATH over a lawsuit about realtor fees, which sounds boring, but we promise it’s not, and here’s why… Median Corvallis homes fetch $395,000 nowadays, baking in commissions of almost $24,000 per transaction. Anyhooo, take a minute with that sticker shock. It’s why plaintiff consumer groups claim state law amounts to price fixing in favor of brokers, and it’s why REX Real Estate joined the suit this week. REX says they want to be allowed to rebate some seller fees, but that state law doesn’t allow them to. 

CHEERS to Lemony Snicket for explaining a fear of realtors is irrational, even if their 6% commission is a little spendy. JEERS to the Lemony Snicket movie scene, because we couldn’t stop laughing, and we kept hitting replay, and deadlines are a thing, and a fear of one’s editor is not irrational. [Editor’s Note: Some fears should be considered extremely rational.] 

CHEERS to local restaurateurs, markets and even the hospital for jumping in with food donations for Corvallisites in need. Turns out, there’s a bushel of Corvallis businesses helping Stone Soup, South Corvallis Food Bank, and Linn-Benton Food Share and as no small aside, individuals can, and do, help too! 

JEERS at the toxic positivity, verging on revisionist spin, from OSU’s Board Chair Rani Borkar. In a release after accepting F. King’s resignation, she wrote, “in recent years, OSU has made important progress in our Title IX and survivor support programs.” Ahem, really? You Trustee-Folk hired a dude behind closed doors that covered up sexual assaults at his last gig… and when that came out, y’all thought probation was enough. 

CHEERS to an outspoken student and faculty community, including the reporters at The Daily Barometer, not giving the aforementioned trustees a pass, and we WAIT WITH BATED BREATH in hopes they stay vigilant. 

CHEERS to more hijinks as OSU’s new interim Prez gets served with a whistleblower lawsuit the same day he took over the top spot at the university. The suit alleges acting President Edward Feser participated in retaliation against a professor that blew the whistle on student concerns related to discrimination, racism, bias, and sexual harassment. The university has issued a statement saying We fully dispute the allegations made in this complaint and will vigorously defend the university and OSU officials named in this complaint. Truth is stranger than fiction, yes?  

CHEERS to Albany’s police department running a job fair for women considering a career in law enforcement it turns out women coppers don’t use force so much as their male brethren.  The job fair is scheduled for Saturday, April 3. 

CHEERS to the Corvallis Police Department for promoting the fair. However, we found some evidence the Albany department has a better sense of humor than y’all…  here, here, and here.  

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH as four people in Oregon are being monitored for Ebola after returning from an area of Africa experiencing an outbreak. In related news: Dammit! Enough already! We thought 2020 was over! 

JEERS as the state of Oregon’s mental health continues to be depressingly awful. Mental Health America has published its annual report for 2020, and Oregonian adults are more likely to suffer with a mental illness than the adults of any other state only four states have higher youth prevalence ratings than we do. The only bright-ish spot is that Oregon ranks 21st for access to mental health professionals. However, that does not seem to apply here in Benton County, which is less populous than other urban areas in the state.  

Finally, a CHEER for OSU during an otherwise bleak week at the institution. The Architects Newspaper featured the College of Forestry’s new buildings this week, at one point writing, “OSU’s Forest Science Complex has established a template for other universities in the region to follow, whereby campus expansion projects become laboratories for innovation in mass timber design and environmental conservation. This is surely just the beginning.”