CHEERS & JEERS: Tale of Two Stores, Wars of Words

POUTS to The Advocate for ruining donuts for everyone by reminding us that healthy eating will keep us healthier. As the winter approaches and the pandemic continues, perhaps we want to remain in our homes eating all the bad-for-you things! Maybe we look forward to digging our “fat pants” out and wallowing in our misery!

PLOT POINT: Corvallis Police will be on the ready for back-to-school with a Traffic Safety Blitz until Sept. 17. They’re looking to assign officers to all elementary and middle schools in support of the Safe Routes to School Committee. In other words, follow the posted speed limits around schools or you will get a ticket [and probably glares from the parents of students… and maybe ostracized from your local gym… we can think of other bad things but you get the picture.]

TEARS for one of our favorite places in town — Browsers’ Bookstore is closing its doors. We’ll miss the opportunity to look through shelf after shelf of unexpected paperbacks, the gasp of joy at finding some first edition of a novel published before we were even born, and the joy of twisting and turning our way through the seemingly endless corridors of books. If you feel the same way we all feel, you should bop on down there and take it all in before next February. [*sigh*] 

CHEERS for Peak Sports! They’re celebrating 50 years in business on Sunday, Sept 12. The party has to be put on the back burner because of that icky five-letter word that starts with a C – yep, you guessed it, COVID. But they are having their sale nonetheless, so check them out.

CHEERS for our word geek editor who was able to find a way to use the word “nonetheless” in a newspaper article. [Copy editor here: Really? Self-congrats? Really? I give up.]

CHEERS to KLCC for their coverage that reminds the adults in the audience that sometimes they can get their children sick. Turns out that most COVID infections seen in kids under 18 are working their way through their household. So, ask yourself, if your child isn’t the one going to the grocery store or pharmacy and interacting with other people, and if your child is the one who can’t get vaccinated to protect themself, then who do we point the finger at? Now look in a mirror, then schedule your COVID vaccination already.

We await with BATED BREATH to see what happens in the PeaceHealth hospital system, which has lived up to their promise and placed any employee unwilling to be vaccinated, or unable to get an exemption, on unpaid administrative leave. They said goodbye to 5% of their workforce after 3% obtained exempt status and 92% got the vaccine. Next up in the big Oregon hospital systems will be Legacy and Kaiser Permanente which will both want their people vaccinated by Sept. 30. Locally, the deadline at Samaritan Health is Oct. 18.

JEERS to Oregon State University for stepping away from the deal to take ownership of Elliott Forest, saying it’s a financial risk because the forest might not be “economically self-sufficient” — meaning they can’t cut down the trees because of endangered species. Everyone seems to want these 91,000 acres of forest, but no one wants to take responsibility for them. What will happen to the northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet if no one takes on the task of keeping them safe in this habitat? Last November we asked if OSU could be trusted with the Elliott, and maybe they can’t.

FURROWED BROWS for Lake Oswego, where 47 people were exposed to COVID-19 on… wait for it… a school bus. The school district won’t say if those exposed were students or what age of students might have been around the sick person. The exposure happened Sept. 1 or Sept. 2 and we’re just hearing about it now. It’s gonna be like this until enough of us get vaccinated to make the children in our community safe. [yet another *sigh*]

FURTHER FURROWED BROWS over the “new normal” of having people run to an Emergency Department to be met with a triage nurse telling them they are suffering from a “lesser illness” and will therefore be seen in the tent stationed mid-parking-lot. The latest to do this is Bend’s St. Charles Health System. The aforementioned tent sits “within 150 yards” of the ER doors [great for football enthusiasts who want to remark that it’s only one-and-a-half fields away]. Goodness Gracious, how could we avoid having this continue into the colder days when the trek out to the Emergency Tent will be through a foot of snow? Oh, yeah! Get vaccinated!

CHEERS again for our fancy pants editor for slipping in “aforementioned.” [Your friendly beleaguered copy editor here… Please send me some Xanax]

CHEERS for Oregon voters. In the world of voting law restrictions, Oregon is one of the winners, being color coded into “expanded access” on the map of the US by National Public Radio. Calling out several states who have restricted voter access after the Trump debacle of 2020 [their sentiment if not their exact wording], NPR published the results from the Voting Rights Lab which looked at how each state provided access for their citizens. These results were only waiting for Texas to add her name to the list before they put it to the public. [IMHO they were a lot nicer than we could have managed.]

SAD SIGHS as the legislators of Oregon frantically color outside the lines of the map of Oregon in an effort to make a new district that they hope to pull in another voting Dem. It’s not that we don’t like Dems — we love them! We also love the GOP… in our way. We sigh because one can only hope that, in an effort to better represent all of the people of Oregon, they would draw lines that are reasonable and fair. We hoped our lawmakers would be better people than the divided houses that harken back to Shakespearean idiocy. [yes, the editor got “harken” in there too.] 

[Copy editor’s final note of the week: DAMMIT]

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