CHEERS & JEERS: Sheriffs and School Boards Gone Wild

 PLOT NOTE: We’ve [probably] said it before, but we know for sure we’re saying it now — the City of Corvallis is looking for someone to sit on the Planning Commission. So hurry on over and get your application in before Oct. 1 if you want to… you know… plan stuff.  

DROOPED HEADS because summer vacay is ending and kids will be heading back to classrooms. It’s only been 19 months worth of having the kiddies home and all to yourselves, and now we’re rushing you into sending them away again starting Sept. 8 a Wednesday, but they will have to go on upcoming Mondays and Tuesdays as well. We know how fast the time has flown, and now all the stay-at-home parents will have to go out and drink coffee, or possibly go back to bed for some actual rest after their young’uns hit the buses, or maybe even get mani-pedis to fill their lonely, quiet, relaxing days. It’s sad. [Should we repeat “quiet” here?]  

SAD SIGHS, because while Corvallis is batting her eyes and wearing loads more ketchup in an effort to get the chain to build here, In-N-Out Burger is looking… over at Hillsboro. And, sure, the Portland Metro area has more people who might even have more money to spend on things like hamburgers and animal-style fries, but Corvallisites have the hearts of real meat-eaters… you know, kinda clogged up but pumping hard for a glorious burger from In-N-Out. [We also have a strong theater tradition with young actors ready to Stanley Kowalski themselves down to their knees calling “Double Double!”]  

CHEERS for Dan Easdale, the lead case manager for Corvallis Housing First. In his op.ed. for the G-T, he reminded us all that a person is still a person even if they don’t have a home. The headline, however “As I See It: The unhoused are just like us” is a little cringe-worthy.   

We await with BATED BREATH to see what will happen over at The Corvallis Gazette-Times as they have purged themselves of yet another long-term employee. Bennett Hall G-T reporter for 24 years, editor-in-chief for a little more than one quietly left the building sometime in June with nary a fanfare or note of farewell. While the whys and wherefores of Hall’s departure are still in the “unknown” column, we do know that Kyle Odegard is at least temporarily filling the editor’s shoes… although he’s been there for a while too, hasn’t he…  

FROWNS for the blood supply, which has gone down from “we need more” to “Good GAWD please bleed for us!” not just for the Red Cross, but for all suppliers countrywide. So, if you can donate, do donate! And if you can’t donate, please wrap yourself in bubble wrap so you don’t actively need new blood.  

EVIL GRINS going out to the field of Dems getting ready for Kate Brown’s departure due to term limits. With Tina Kotek already calling “dibs” for a spot in the primary, the list of who else will be there is growing to possibly include Ellen Rosenblum, Tobias Read, Val Hoyle, and Deborah Kafoury. It’s gonna be an interesting election season, folks, and the news media loves interesting politics. 

BIG ‘OL JEERS for the Newberg School Board, which had doubled down on calling Black Lives Matter and Pride political by hiring a “supplemental” lawyer just to handle the public outcry against this weird hill on which they’ve decided to die. They then said they wanted to make this mandate “legally bullet-proof.” Yep, the same board members who won the BLM-and-Pride-are-bad vote went on to win the let’s-pay-another-attorney-to-enforce-our-beliefs vote, with vice chair, Brian Shannon, saying to the “losing” board members, “You lost an election. Things aren’t necessarily going your way on all the issues now. Deal with it.” Shannon is, unsurprisingly, one of the Newberg board members who chooses to not compile all of the unhappy emails they’ve received from the community possibly he prefers easier reading.   

JEERS to Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, who says he won’t enforce mask mandates, saying the Governor is being “inconsiderate of rural counties and local governments.” Did we mention that Douglas County has one of the highest rates of COVID cases in the state? Of course, the Sheriff has been vaccinated, so perhaps he’s just not that worried about COVID for himself… hmmm… 

CHEERS for living in Oregon… if you hate telemarketing calls. KOIN News released a list of the places where “robocalls” have been on the rise. Five of those places are cities in California, but not a single one lies within the Oregon state lines. Woo-hoo! [Unless, of course, you’re like our one editor who sees telemarketing calls as a good way to make new friends… he leads a sad existence of a life.]