CHEERS & JEERS: Shaggy Schools, Remedial Civics

CHEERS for a stop sign? Yep, a new four-way stop is planned for Circle and Witham Hill… fewer crashes, less news… and it’s already a slow news day… like, this column is literally starting with a stop sign. 

JEERS that a Corvallis school was renamed Husky for awhile — shedding constantly, stubborn as hell, kinda pretty to look at — anyhoo…. CHEERS that it may again be renamed, this time after the first African-American woman to get a pilot’s license, Bessie Coleman.  

CHEERS for having a school district willing to reexamine itself. CHEERS  to the School Renaming Task Force. Recommendations also include changes for Jaguar (formerly Jefferson) and Wildcat (formerly Wilson).  

CHEERS to a free lunch, or even a breakfast, or whatever. Thems that find themselves age 18  and younger, and in need,  can score the freebies all summer long. Wait, is this another of those do-goodery School District plans…? Well, yes…yes it is. Here’re the details. 

JEERS that our own Oregon State University isn’t doing better working with women in STEM fields. Yes, there’s been progress, but it’s like watching paint dry. In a world of gadgets so fast they can almost seem like they’re thinking, our technically advanced men are stuck with the mentality of cavemen — can we please catch-up with our apps… and our cliches. [Like we could change the saying to ‘watching paint do that slow drip thing where the drip will be forever hardened into the wall but you never see it coming until it’s too late’] 

CHEERS for fun with meaningless equivalencies, like this one… Median cost of a Corvallis home last month was $440,000. For Manhattan, it was $1.1 million. At Carmel-by-the-Sea in California, that median is $2.4 million. We doubt this information makes teachers that can’t afford to live here feel any better, so we’ll just move along… 

CHEERS to a call from the Albany Democrat-Herald that the town’s school superintendent, Melissa Goff, get the heave-ho. Yep, students were protesting Goff’s new class schedules… Yep, the reporter entered school grounds to cover the protest… Yep, Goff emailed the paper threatening to shutdown their access to campuses. [Notably, newspapers also cover things like plays and sporting events on campuses.] We and the Democrat-Herald may see the world differently, but without the First Amendment, it would be difficult for anyone to see much of anything. We suspect Ms. Goff needs a remedial civics course. Incidentally, before all this, she wasn’t really doing anything that resembled a passable job. 

CHEERS to nurses…. And, specifically to three Corvallis nurses that work for Samaritan Health. They just won themselves something called the DAISY Award, which is sanctioned by a national non-profit, and is in fact, a big deal. So, without further ado, the winners are… Mandy Clark, Jennifer Bond, and Elizabeth Lewis. Let’s count ourselves lucky to have them in the community. 

CHEERS to Oregon humans, who are special, living in one of only three states to legalize using one’s remains as compost. The new law goes into effect July 1. 

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH: On Thursday, OHA reported 15,444 Oregonians get jabbed every day, and we’re a mere 55,697 doses away from most of the state’s COVID restrictions being lifted.  For those with a favorite mask, parting will be bittersweet. 

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