CHEERS & JEERS: Sen. Gelser Slams OSU Trustee Derp

JEERS to Steve Oien Construction, now busted by the Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality. Pulling permits to build the Heather Glen subdivision in Philomath, the company filed a plan to mitigate erosion and pollution due to construction which they then shrugged off, according to the DEQ. The fine, $7,815, which translates to just over 558 El Diablo Burgers at Bombs Away Cafe on Monroe.  

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH to see if an intern shows up with the said burgers. Wait, this just in, our interns don’t fetch burgers, they just write stuff. Dammit.  

CHEERS to Sen. Sara Gelser‘s freak-out. Here’s the gist: The governor nominates public university trustees, and the majority of four-year terms for OSU’s board are set to expire come June 30 which can’t come soon enough, given their track record. Sooo the good senator was none too amused to learn the governor wouldn’t be doing diddly for new nominations until September. She then wrote a scathing op-ed, sending it to the wrong newspaper, but whatever cuz she makes all the right points. Gelser is also co-sponsoring Senate Bill 854, which calls for more public access to trustees, and increased transparency.   

In other OSU news… 

CHEERS to the Orange Black for slotting sixth of 15 top universities offering an online bachelor’s in digital communications. Given the state of rape culture at the physical campus, the online option seems a good bet, and everyone should be fairly used to it by now.  

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH to see if the City’s allocation of $40,000 to clear homeless camps results in fewer homeless folks. Yep, nothing to see here, move along.   

JEERS to straying from the point, as we’re oddly reminded the City just increased their System Development Charges for building a new house to $16,930. And don’t forget the realtor’s $24,000 commission on the average Corvallis home sale. Wait, do housing costs have something to do with homelessness. Never mind, we repeat, nothing to see here, keep it going folks.  

CHEERS to some new hires at Corvallis Public Schools. Germaine Joseph-Hays and Emmet Whitaker have been hired as the new assistant principals at Corvallis High School, and Shawn Bernard has been hired for a new position at the district, Assistant Special Education Coordinator. Their resumes look impressive.  

PLOT NOTE: Corvallis residents have until April 30 to apply for student transfers within the district. After that, nonresidents have from May 10 to 21 to apply for their students which is important if you’re the parent of an LGBTQ+ kid living in Philomath. For both in-district and out-district, click here for info. [See what we did there with the ‘out’ district?]  

CHEERS that bad news isn’t worse news. There may be 3,790 fewer jobs in Benton County than this time last year, but… at least this year’s March unemployment rate was only 4.8%, which is better than Oregon’s 6%. Neither rate is much better than in February, 4.9% and 6.1% respectively. Things might be looking better.  

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH as the infected chooses outcomes for its host. While other universities will be requiring students to vaccinate in the fall, OSU’s vice president of marketing and public relations says “We’re not ready and we don’t think public health agencies are ready to say this should be a requirement for every person.” Funny, now that the press has gone nuts, OSU has reportedly sent an email polling faculty and staff on the matter but nobody asked the greater Corvallis community anything… nothing at all it’s just been crickets.  

CHEERS to government transparency. You don’t even wanna read a boring monthly treasurer report for the City, but it’s nice to know with just one click that you can. Thanks City of Corvallis Treasury Report humans we love you. Also, could you maybe make the numbers rhyme next time? We’re journalists, numbers confuse us. And, c’mon, it’s National Poetry Month.